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About Us

Our Story

Waste Hub exists to pursue, uncover, and create new value by converting wastes into products that meet the requirements of users and buyers.  We are growing rapidly. We have more than a dozen major clients, most with annual revenues over $1 billion, and we are finding ways to help them meet their sustainability goals and save millions of dollars on waste disposal. We are also developing new and innovative products from material that was thought to be trash, and are doing this in a way that will benefit ourselves, our customers, and society at large.

Waste Hub is open-minded about how to make this happen. We pledge to deal honestly at all times, to respect and value everyone and their ideas, to embrace innovation, and to collaborate with anyone who can help us achieve a real and sustainable circular economy. Please contact us if you have an opportunity, an idea, or a passion for sustainability and would like to join us. We look forward to meeting you!

Calvin Wohlert

Waste Hub co-founder and CEO

Jake Vaillancourt

Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Stafford Sheehan

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Stephen Ricci

Chief Technology Officer