Frequency Regulation

The U.S. has established a system of “air traffic controllers” for electricity movement throughout geographic regions. These controllers are referred to as RTOs (Regional Transmission Organizations). The RTO that covers Ohio and several other mid-Atlantic states is known as PJM.

PJM not only moves power through the grid but also manages grid stability. As load on the grid fluctuates stability becomes more difficult to maintain. The goal is to keep the grid stable at 60 Hz frequency.

PJM has created trading markets to incent fast responding stability providers. These markets are known as Frequency Regulation markets.

Waste Hub is evaluating technology partners in order to monetize this opportunity for our clients with low cost energy storage capabilities.

Waste Heat to Power

We are exploring waste heat to power for the U.S. cement industry. These projects have been implemented in other countries where power is more expensive and/or less reliable. Following the completion of our first U.S. project, we will offer a proven solution to other cement plants with high power costs or the desire to progress to carbon neutrality.