How We Do It

Can You Really Save Us Millions Of Dollars And Improve Our Sustainability?

Yes. Really. Waste Hub works through a shared risk and reward process. We apply cutting-edge science and expertise to explore material samples and discover value by asking: “What is the waste stream, and what can it become?”

Let’s Talk Challenges And Opportunities

The first thing we’ll do when we join your team is have a conversation about the waste stream challenges your company faces, and the opportunities we can find to reduce your waste stream. You assign us a waste stream!

Identifying Waste Stream And Baseline Costs

Here we’ll agree on a baseline cost and volume. What quantities are you working with? What are your goals?

What Is The Waste Stream And What Can It Become?

Waste Hub applies cutting edge science and expertise to explore the material samples and discover value.

Making The Connections

We tirelessly search potential markets, connecting your material to buyers. We perform qualification trials with buyers.


Creating A Conversion Solution

Waste Hub utilizes the necessary resources to create an economically favorable and environmentally beneficial solution, delivering amazing results for everyone involved.


Bringing Together Buyers And Transporters

We facilitate contracts between buyers and transporters to build a new logistic network for your waste stream.


We’ll Take It From Here

With your new waste stream solution in place, we’ll manage ongoing logistics for product sales. We share in the savings and revenue compared to baseline costs.